Kinetics of Maillard reactions in model infant formula during UHT treatment using a static batch ohmic heater

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Roux, Stéphanie; Courel, Mathilde; Ait Ameur, Lamia; Birlouez-Aragon, Inès; Pain, J.P.;
  • Publisher: EDP sciences/Springer
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1051/dst/2009015
  • Subject: Joule effect;Infant dairy products;Thermal treatment;Maillard reactions | [ SDV.AEN ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Food and Nutrition | [ SDV.IDA ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Food engineering

The impact of a UHT treatment on a model infant formula was examined by assessing the advancement of Maillard reactions during a thermal treatment by ohmic heating. The heating and holding steps of the heat treatment were carried out in a static batch ohmic heater equip... View more
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