Genetic correlations among body condition score, yield and fertility in multiparous cows using random regression models

Conference object English OPEN
Bastin, Catherine; Gillon, Alain; Massart, Xavier; Bertozzi, Carlo; Vanderick, Sylvie; Gengler, Nicolas;
  • Subject: : Génétique & processus génétiques [Sciences du vivant] | : Genetics & genetic processes [Life sciences] | : Productions animales & zootechnie [Sciences du vivant] | : Animal production & animal husbandry [Life sciences]

Genetic correlations between body condition score (BCS) in lactation 1 to 3 and four economically important traits (days open, 305-days milk, fat, and protein yields recorded in the first 3 lactations) were estimated on about 12,500 Walloon Holstein cows using 4-trait r... View more
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