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Urek, Gregor ; Širca, S. ; Geric, Stare ; Dolničar, B. ; Strajnar, P. (2008)
  • Publisher: Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
  • Journal: Journal of Central European Agriculture, volume 9, issue 1 (issn: 1332-9049, eissn: 1332-9049)
  • Subject: Agriculture | slovenia | potato cultivars | S | potato cyst nematodes | Globodera rostochiensis; potato cyst nematodes; PCN; potato; potato cultivars; Slovenia | pcn | globodera rostochiensis

The potato cyst nematode Globodera rostochiensis is one of the most serious pests of potato in Slovenia. Precise nematode identification and knowledge about potato cultivars, which are most suitable for growing in the Slovenian climate conditions and most resistant to G. rostochiensis, are necessary to develop an effective integrated pest control. Here we report the results of the influence of G. rostochiensis pathotype Ro1/4 on the yield of different potato cultivars: the susceptible cultivar Desiree, the resistant cultivars White Lady, Miranda, Aladin, Sante and Adora, and the clone KIS 94-1/5-14. The yield of cv. White Lady was the highest and that of susceptible cv. Desiree the lowest. The influence of several resistant and one susceptible potato cultivars on population dynamics of G. rostochiensis was also determined. The total number of cysts/100 cm3 and the number of eggs and juveniles per cyst increased in the susceptible cv. Desiree and decreased in the resistant cultivars White Lady, Sante and Adora.
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