Problem Behavior in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Bachelor thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Šteglová, Dominika (2012)
  • Subject: agressive behavior; problematic behavior; problémové chování; Autismus; Autism; agresivní chování | aplikovaná behaviorální analýza; autism spectrum disorders; problem behavior; problémové chování; child; applied behavioral analysis; dítě; poruchy autistického spektra
    mesheuropmc: mental disorders

This thesis focuses on problem behavior, its manifestations and causes of origin in children with autism spectrum disorders. The thesis is divided into two parts, the theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part focuses on introduction to issues of autism spectrum disorders and problem behavior. Mentioned here is history and etiology of disorders, also the part deals with autistic triad of disability. Among others I try briefly characterize various autism spectrum disorders focusing on infantile autism. In the second part the problem behavior is elaborated. Important for me was to introduce readers to the issue of problem behavior in children with autism spectrum disorders, but attention was also paid to aggressive behavior in general, its etiology and types based on psychological theories. In the empirical part the thesis deals with analysis of manifestations of problem behavior, reasons of its origin and frequency of occurrence this behavior in two boys with infantile autism. The aim of the thesis is to describe all these phenomena based on case studies, for which I used the methods of observation of two boys, interview with their parents and analysis of documents provided to me by the school and family. Keywords Autism spectrum disorder, infantile autism, autistic triad, problem behavior,...
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