Crystal structures of fac-trichloridotris(trimethylphosphane-κP)rhodium(III) monohydrate and fac-trichloridotris(trimethylphosphane-κP)rhodium(III) methanol hemisolvate: rhodium structures that are isotypic with their iridium analogs

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Joseph S. Merola ; Marion A. Franks (2015)
  • Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
  • Journal: Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications (issn: 2056-9890)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1107/S2056989015001516
  • Subject: iridium | Chemistry | isotypism | phosphane ligands | QD1-999 | crystal structure | rhodium

The crystal structures of two solvates of fac-tri-chlorido-tris-(tri-methyl-phosphane-κP)rhodium(III) are reported, i.e. one with water in the crystal lattice, fac-[RhCl3(Me3P)3]·H2O, and one with methanol in the crystal lattice, fac-[RhCl3(Me3P)3]·0.5CH3OH. These rhodium compounds exhibit distorted octahedral coordination spheres at the metal and are isotypic with the analogous iridium compounds previously reported by us [Merola et al. (2013 ▶). Polyhedron, 54, 67-73]. Comparison is made between the rhodium and iridium compounds, highlighting their isostructural relationships. Published online (Publication status)
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