Universities as corporate entities: the role of social responsibility in their strategic management

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Ramos-Monge, Elva ; Llinàs Audet, Francisco Javier ; Barrena Martínez, Jesús (2017)
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  • Subject: Business and education | University strategic management | Ensenyament universitari | Plans estrategics | Corporate social responsibility | University social responsibility | University stakeholders | Universities and colleges | Strategic plans | Higher education institutions | Universitat -- Administració | :Ensenyament i aprenentatge::Ensenyament universitari [Àrees temàtiques de la UPC] | Strategy

Universities, as educational institutions, play a vital role in the development and improvement of the society, contributing to the welfare of citizens. Considering the social responsibility of universities with a large number of stakeholders (students, institutions, government, employees, companies, local community, etc.), this chapter aims to examine how these institutions establish the mission, objectives and strategic actions oriented at meeting these expectations. In this line, university in its daily management is also considered a corporate entity, which set up strategic plans and practices, an essential process to achieve its success in the long term. The chapter explores the necessary steps for adjusting these strategic plans to the new challeng e of introducing a socially responsible orientation in their management.
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