Emerging market business cycles revisited: learning about the trend

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Emine Boz; Christian Daude; C. Bora Durdu;
  • Publisher: Istanbul: Koç University-TÜSİAD Economic Research Forum (ERF)
  • Subject: F41 | Schwellenländer | E44 | Konjunktur | Kanada | Kalman filter | learning | Mexiko | business cycles | Zeitreihenanalyse | Zustandsraummodell | Business cycles ; Emerging markets | Produktivität | emerging markets, business cycles, learning, Kalman filter | Schätzung | emerging markets | D82
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      ddc: ddc:330

The data reveal that emerging markets do not differ from developed countries with regards to the variance of permanent TFP shocks relative to transitory. They do differ, however, in the degree of uncertainty agents face when formulating expectations. Based on these obse... View more
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