The Management of the Citizen Oriented Applications

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Ion IVAN ; Bogdan VINTILĂ (2010)
  • Publisher: General Association of Economists from Romania
  • Journal: Theoretical and Applied Economics, volume 4(545), issue 4(545) April, pages 47-70 (issn: 1841-8678, eissn: 1844-0029)
  • Subject: citizen | development | HF5001-6182 | Business | development cycle | Economics as a science | indicators | citizen; application; knowledge; development; design; development cycle; quality; indicators; security; optimization; management. | quality | security | management. | application | optimization | management | design | HB71-74 | HB1-3840 | knowledge | Economic theory. Demography

The context of the knowledge based society is presented. The new user requirements in the context of the new society are analyzed. Basic concepts regarding the citizen oriented applications are presented. Issues specific to the citizen oriented applications are presente... View more
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