The Effect of Conflict History on Cooperation Within and Between Groups: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment

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Beekman, Gonne; Cheung, Stephen L.; Levely, Ian;
  • Publisher: Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) Bonn
  • Subject: D74 | multi-level public good experiment | D64 | Tullock contest | H41 | within- and between-group cooperation, inter-group conflict, group identity, multi-level public good experiment, Tullock contest, other-regarding preferences | group identity | other-regarding preferences | within- and between-group cooperation | C92 | inter-group conflict | within- and between-group cooperation; inter-group confl ict; group identity; multi-level public good experiment; Tullock contest; other-regarding preferences
    • jel: jel:D64 | jel:D74 | jel:H41 | jel:C92
      ddc: ddc:330
    mesheuropmc: genetic structures

We study cooperation within and between groups in the laboratory, comparing treatments in which two groups have previously been (i) in conflict with one another, (ii) in conflict with a different group, or (iii) not previously exposed to con flict. We model conflict usi... View more
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