Embryo Cell Membranes Reconstruction by Tensor Voting

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Michelin , Gaël; Guignard , Léo; Fiuza , Ulla-Maj; Malandain , Grégoire;
  • Publisher: IEEE
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1109/ISBI.2014.6868105
  • Subject: image segmentation | surface detection | cell membrane | [ INFO.INFO-TI ] Computer Science [cs]/Image Processing | [INFO.INFO-TI]Computer Science [cs]/Image Processing | [INFO.INFO-TI]Computer Science [cs]/Image Processing [eess.IV] | fluorescence microscopy

International audience; Image-based studies of developing organs or embryos produce a huge quantity of data. To handle such high-throughput experimental protocols, automated computer-assisted methods are highly desirable. This article aims at designing an efficient cell... View more
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