A Review of Freely Available Quantum Computer Simulation Software

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Brandhorst-Satzkorn, Johan (2012)
  • Publisher: Linköpings universitet, Tekniska högskolan
  • Subject: Quantum Computers | Quantum Computer Simulation | Quantum Programming Language | Quantum Programming Languange | Library extension

A study has been made of a few different freely available Quantum Computer simulators. All the simulators tested are available online on their respective websites. A number of tests have been performed to compare the different simulators against each other. Some untested simulators of various programming languages are included to show the diversity of the quantum computer simulator applications. The conclusion of the review is that LibQuantum is the best of the simulators tested because of ease of coding, a great amount of pre-defined function implementations and decoherence simulation support among other reasons. ICG QC
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