EU Agro Biogas Project

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Amon, T.; Mayr, H.; Eder, M.; Hobbs, P.; Rao Ravella, S.; Roth, U.; Niebaum, A.; Doehler, H.; Weiland, P.; Abdoun, E.; Moser, A.; Lyson, M.; Heiermann, M.; Plöchl, M.; Budde, J.; Schattauer, A.; Suarez, T.; Möller, H.; Ward, A.; Hillen, F.; Sulima, P.; Oniszk-Polplawska, A.; Krampe, P.; Pastorek, Z.; Kara, J.; Mazancova, J.; Dooren, van, H.J.C.; Wim, C.; Gioelli, F.; Balsari, P.;
  • Publisher: ETA - Renewable Energies
  • Subject: Bio-energie | projects | LR - Backoffice | biogas | Onderzoek | Bioenergy | europese unie | european union | projecten | biobased economy | Research

EU-AGRO-BIOGAS is a European Biogas initiative to improve the yield of agricultural biogas plants in Europe, to optimise biogas technology and processes and to improve the efficiency in all parts of the production chain from feedstock to biogas utilisation. Leading Euro... View more
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