Ecoconception des aliments destinés aux porcs : analyse d’incertitude

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Espagnol, Sandrine; Lauer, Marlène; Garcia-Launay, Florence;
  • Publisher: IFIP - Institut du Porc
  • Subject: éco-conception | analyse d'incertitude | porc | matière première | environmental impact | raw materials | formulation de l'aliment | aliment pour animal | swine | alimentation animale | feed | paramètre multiobjectif | [SDV]Life Sciences [q-bio] | impact environnemental | animal feeding

Reducing environmental impacts of the livestock sector remains a priority. Formulating eco-feeds with lower impacts can be used as one mechanism. Doing so requires knowledge about feedstuff impacts, such as those contained in the ECOALIM database. As this database provi... View more
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