The Geography of Trust and Betrayal: Moral disputes and Late Pleistocene dispersal

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Spikins, Penny;
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  • Subject: Trust | Hyper cooperation | Evolution of emotions | Palaeolithic Colonisations | Hunter-gatherers | Archaeology, Palaeolithic archaeology, Palaeoanthropology, Anthropology | Pleistocene Dispersal; Palaeolithic Colonisations; Hunter-gatherers; Evolution of emotions; Moral conflicts; Trust; Hyper cooperation | GN700-890 | GN281-289 | Pleistocene Dispersal | Human evolution | Prehistoric archaeology | Paleontology | QE701-760 | Moral conflicts

The explanations for a rapid dispersal of modern humans after 100,000 BP remain enigmatic. Populations of modern humans took new routes – crossing significant topographic and environmental barriers, including making major sea crossings, and moving into and through risky... View more
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