Stochastic Stability of Endogenous Growth: Theory and Applications

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Boucekkine , Raouf; Pintus , Patrick; Zou , Benteng;
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  • Subject: [ SHS.ECO ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Economies and finances | stochastic stability | [SHS.ECO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Economies and finances | global diversification | stochastic growth | AK model | endogenous growth | endogenous growth, stochastic growth, stochastic stability, AK model, global diversification | endogenous growth,stochastic growth,stochastic stability,AK model,global diversification
    • jel: jel:O40 | jel:C62 | jel:C61

We examine the issue of stability of stochastic endogenous growth. First, stochastic stability concepts are introduced and applied to stochastic linear homogenous differen- tial equations to which several stochastic endogenous growth models reduce. Second, we apply the ... View more
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