Estimating employment dynamics across occupations and sectors of industry

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Cörvers, F.; Dupuy, A.;
  • Publisher: IZA
  • Subject: labour demand, occupational structure, intra and intersectoral dynamics, system dynamic OLS | Industriestruktur | Niederlande | occupational structure | system dynamic OLS | 2 International | J21 | J23 | Industrielle Beschäftigung | macroeconomics ; | education, training and the labour market; | Labour demand | Arbeitsnachfrage | Schätzung | intra and intersectoral dynamics
    • ddc: ddc:330
      jel: jel:J23 | jel:J21

In this paper, we estimate the demand for workers by sector and occupation using system dynamic OLS techniques to account for the employment dynamics dependence across occupations and sectors of industry. The short run dynamics are decomposed into intra and intersectora... View more
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