Economic Reforms and Constitutional Transition

Article, Preprint OPEN
Jeffrey D. Sachs; Wing Thye Woo; Xiaokai Yang;
  • Journal: Annals of Economics and Finance,volume 1,issue 2 Nov,pages423-479
  • Subject: Transition economies, Constitutional economics, Inframarginal analysis, State opportunism, Dual track approach, Division of labor, Shock therapy, Gradualism | constitutional transition, economic reform, division of labor, debate of shock therapy vs gradualism, debate of convergence vs institutional innovation
    • jel: jel:H1 | jel:B14 | jel:D23 | jel:L11 | jel:L22 | jel:M40 | jel:K1 | jel:O10 | jel:P20 | jel:L23

This paper investigates the relationship between economic reforms and constitutional transition, which has been neglected by many transition economists. It is argued that assessment of reform performance might be very misleading if it is not recognized that economic ref... View more
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