The Role of Performance Appraisals in Motivating Employees

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Jurjen J.A. Kamphorst; Otto H. Swank;
  • Publisher: Tinbergen Institute Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  • Subject: Cheap Talk | Leistungsbeurteilung | M52 | M54 | Entscheidung bei Unsicherheit | Leistungsmotivation | Subjective Performance Appraisal | Arbeitsproduktivität | Subjective Performance Appraisal, Credibility, Cheap Talk | Credibility | D83 | D82
    • jel: jel:D83 | jel:D82 | jel:M54 | jel:M52
      ddc: ddc:330
    mesheuropmc: psychological phenomena and processes

textabstractIn many organizations, reward decisions depend on subjective performance evaluations. However, evaluating an employee's performance is often difficult. In this paper, we develop a model in which the employee is uncertain about his own performance and about t... View more
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