Testing gravitational-wave searches with numerical relativity waveforms: Results from the first Numerical INJection Analysis (NINJA) project

Article, Preprint English OPEN
Aylott, B.; Baker, J.; Boggs, W.; Boyle, M.; Brady, P.; Brown, D.; Brügmann, B.; Buchman, L.; Buonanno, A.; Cadonati, L.; Camp, J.; Campanelli, M.; Centrella, J.; Chatterji, S.; Christensen, N.; Chu, T.; Diener, P.; Dorband, N.; Etienne, Z.; Faber, J.; Fairhurst, S.; Farr, B.; Fischetti, S.; Guidi, G.; Goggin, L.; Hannam, M.; Herrmann, F.; Hinder, I.; Husa, S.; Kalogera, V.; ... view all 77 authors

The Numerical INJection Analysis (NINJA) project is a collaborative effort between members of the numerical relativity and gravitational-wave data analysis communities. The purpose of NINJA is to study the sensitivity of existing gravitational-wave search algorithms usi... View more