Thermal Stability and Magnetic Properties of Polyvinylidene Fluoride/Magnetite Nanocomposites

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Ouyang, Zen-Wei; Chen, Erh-Chiang; Wu, Tzong-Ming;
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  • Journal: Materials,volume 8,issue 7,pages4,553-4,564 (issn: 1996-1944, eissn: 1996-1944)
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  • Subject: QC120-168.85 | Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General) | Technology | Article | TA1-2040 | magnetic properties | piezoelectric responses | thermal properties | T | Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering | TK1-9971 | Microscopy | QH201-278.5 | Descriptive and experimental mechanics | composite materials

This work describes the thermal stability and magnetic properties of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)/magnetite nanocomposites fabricated using the solution mixing technique. The image of transmission electron microscopy for PVDF/magnetite nanocomposites reveals that the ... View more
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