On harmonicity in some Moufang-Klingenberg planes

Article Turkish OPEN
ÇELİK, Basri; AKPINAR, Atilla; ÇİFTÇİ, Süleyman;
  • Publisher: TUBITAK
  • Journal: issn: 1300-0098, eissn: 1303-6149
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  • Subject: Moufang-Klingenberg planes, local alternative ring, projective collineation, cross-ratio, harmonicity, harmonic position.
    arxiv: Mathematics::Group Theory

In this paper we study Moufang-Klingenberg planes M (A) defined over a local alternative ring A of dual numbers. We show that some collineations of M (A) preserve cross-ratio and thus establish a relation between harmonicity and harmonic position.
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