Co-conception contrôle / communication pour économiser l'énergie dans les systèmes commandés en réseau sans fil

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Cardoso de Castro, Nicolas;
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  • Subject: Efficacité énergétique | [SPI.SIGNAL]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Signal and Image processing | [ SPI.AUTO ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Automatic | [SPI.AUTO]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Automatic | Networked control systems | [ SPI.SIGNAL ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Signal and Image processing | Energy-efficiency | Optima control | Contôle optimal | Systèmes commandés en réseau

Energy is a key resource in Networked Control Systems, in particular in applications concerning wireless networks. This thesis investigates how to save energy in wireless sensor nodes with control and communication co-Design. This thesis reviews existing techniques and ... View more
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