Methods of forging steel

Bachelor thesis Slovenian OPEN
Hribernik, Damjan; (2016)
  • Publisher: D. Hribernik
  • Subject: where it is necessary to know | 621.73.04:669.14(043.2) [udc] | forming machines | AutoCAD | The aim of the diploma thesis is to present procedures for the transformation of steel with various forging techniques. Before the start of forging it is good to gain some basic knowledge about the work and possible errors | konstruiranje | which are widely used nowadays in small and medium-sized productions. I have also granted a few words to manual forging. The main difficulties of forging occur at the very beginning of the design | preoblikovalni stroji | design | utopno kovanje | surovec | because this is the only way to prevent forgings irregularities. | Pro/ENGINEER. | kovanje [Ključne besede] | which you have to be careful of in order to prevent damages to the tools and forging machinery. I have indicated some of the transforming machines | ročno kovanje | free forging | Pro/ENGINEER | kovanje | hand forging | konstruiranje. | prosto kovanje | drop forging | forging | kovaški zamiki | stroji za kovanje | whether the drop tool will need bending and pre-sledge tools | forging stock (blank) | 621.73.04(043.2) [udc]

The following work presents processes of steel forming, challenges when forging steel, forming machines suitable for forging and which choice of machine is most suitable for forging. We can separate steel forming to free forging and drop forging. Free forging can be... View more
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