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Lucia P. BLĂJUȚ (2014)
  • Publisher: Romanian Foundation for Business Intelligence
  • Journal: SEA - Practical Application of Science, issue 5 November, pages 143-148 (issn: 2360-2554)
  • Subject: A | Economic globalization | Multinational companies, Foreign direct investment, Economic globalization | Foreign direct investment | General Works | Multinational companies
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This paper highlights the significant share of multinational companies in international trade that are a factor of developing global economies. In the context of economic globalization the activity of multinational companies and their foreign direct investment have a strong impact on the host country which presents advantages and disadvantages for them. The main objective of this article is the review of the important role played by multinationals in economic development, especially in developed economies. In the economies in which they operate, they bring capital, technology transfer, improve the national reputation and influence the other companies to invest in this countries, they provide a substantial source of revenue for the government and always improve the balance of payments in the host country.
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