A Nonparametric Test for Seasonal Unit Roots

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M. Kunst, Robert;
  • Publisher: Vienna: Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS)
  • Subject: C22 | Unit Root Test | C12 | C14 | unit roots | Nichtparametrisches Verfahren | Saisonbereinigung | nonparametric test | Seasonality, Nonparametric test, Unit roots | seasonality | Theorie
    • jel: jel:C12 | jel:C22 | jel:C14
      ddc: ddc:330

We consider a nonparametric test for the null of seasonal unit roots in quarterly time series that builds on the RUR (records unit root) test by Aparicio, Escribano, and Sipols. We find that the test concept is more promising than a formalization of visual aids such as ... View more
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    X(−1)j xt−j , j=0 Details of this representation were analyzed by Smith and Taylor (1999), and the model was used for developing HEGY-type tests by Beaulieu and Miron (1993). Again, (a0, a1, . . . , a6, b1, . . . , b5) =

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