Worrisome trends in incidence and mortality of candidemia in intensive care units (Paris area, 2002–2010)

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Lortholary , Olivier; Renaudat , Charlotte; Sitbon , Karine; Madec , Yoann; Denoeud-Ndam , Lise; Wolff , Michel; Fontanet , Arnaud; Bretagne , Stéphane; Dromer , Françoise; Group , French Mycosis Study;
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  • Journal: Intensive Care Medicine,volume 40,issue 9,pages1,303-1,312 (issn: 0342-4642, eissn: 1432-1238)
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International audience; PURPOSE: To analyze trends in incidence and mortality of candidemia in intensive care units (ICUs) vs. non-ICU hospitalized patients and to determine risk factors for infection by specific species and for death. METHODS: Active hospital-based sur... View more
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