Betting on conditionals

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Politzer , Guy ; Over , David P ; Baratgin , Jean (2010)
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
  • Subject: [ SHS.LANGUE.PRAGMATICS ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics/domain_shs.langue.pragmatics | [ SCCO.REASONNING ] Cognitive science/domain_scco.reasonning | [ SHS.LANGUE.SEMANTICS ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Linguistics/domain_shs.langue.semantics | [ SCCO.COGPSY ] Cognitive science/domain_scco.cogpsy

A study is reported testing two hypotheses about a close parallel relation between indicative conditionals, if A then B, and conditional bets, I bet you that if A then B. The first is that both the indicative conditional and the conditional bet are related to the condit... View more
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