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The mystery of photometric twins DES17X1boj and DES16E2bjy

M Pursiainen; C P Gutiérrez; P Wiseman; M Childress; M Smith; C Frohmaier; C Angus; N Castro Segura; L Kelsey; M Sullivan; ...
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  • Published: 01 Jun 2020
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
We present an analysis of DES17X1boj and DES16E2bjy, two peculiar transients discovered by the Dark Energy Survey (DES). They exhibit nearly identical double-peaked light curves which reach very different maximum luminosities (M$_\mathrm{r}$ = -15.4 and M$_\mathrm{r}$ = -17.9, respectively). The light curve evolution of these events is highly atypical and has not been reported before. The transients are found in different host environments: DES17X1boj was found near the nucleus of a spiral galaxy, while DES16E2bjy is located in the outskirts of a passive red galaxy. Early photometric data is well fitted with a blackbody and the resulting moderate photospheric ex...
free text keywords: astro-ph.HE, RCUK, STFC, ST/R000506/1, supernovae: general, [PHYS.ASTR]Physics [physics]/Astrophysics [astro-ph], Astrophysics - High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena, Space and Planetary Science, Astronomy and Astrophysics
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126 references, page 1 of 9
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