Sustitutos e injertos de piel desarrollados por ingeniería de tejidos

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María Inés Chaves-Rodríguez ; Laura A. Calvo-Castro ; Ricardo Alvarado-Meza ; Olman Madrigal-Monge ; Andrea Ulloa-Fernández ; Carolina Centeno-Cerdas (2015)
  • Publisher: Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
  • Journal: Tecnología en Marcha (issn: 0379-3982, eissn: 2215-3241)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.18845/tm.v28i5.2219
  • Subject: Skin; cell culture; Tissue Engineering; transplant; graft; epithelial equivalents. | equivalentes epiteliales. | Piel | T | injerto | trasplante | cultivo celular | Technology | ingeniería de tejidos | Piel; cultivo celular; ingeniería de tejidos; trasplante; injerto; equivalentes epiteliales.

Tissue Engineering strategies for tissue and organ regeneration have allowed the fabrication and commercialization of diverse skin substitutes, which have been applied in different parts of the world on human patients over the course of the last 30 years. These grafts h... View more