Effects of Single Dose Energy Drink on QT and P-Wave Dispersion

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Arınç, Hüseyin ; Sarli, Bahadir ; Baktir, Ahmet ; Yolcu, Mustafa ; Ozyildirim, Serhan ; Kayardi, Mahmut ; Cosgun, Mehmet ; Erguzel, Nuri ; Gunduz, Huseyin ; Uyan, Cihangir (2013)
  • Publisher: Abant İzzet Baysal Üniversitesi
  • Journal: (issn: 2148-2357, eissn: 2148-2357)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.15824/actamedica.5000000350
  • Subject: QT dispersion | R131-687 | Energy drink, QT dispersion, P-wave dispersion. | History of medicine. Medical expeditions | P-wave dispersion | Energy drink

Objective: Aim of this study is to evaluate the cardiac electrophysiological effects of energy drink (Red Bull) on QT and P duration and dispersion on surface electrocardiogram.Methods: Twenty healthy volunteers older than 17 years of age were included the study. Subjects with a cardiac rhythm except sinus rhythm, history of atrial or ventricular arrhythmia, family history of premature sudden cardiac death, palpitations, T-wave abnormalities, QTc interval greater than 440 milliseconds, or those P-waves and QT intervals unavailable in at least eight ECG leads were excluded. Subjects having insomnia, lactose intolerance, caffeine allergy, recurrent headaches, depression, any psychiatric condition, and history of alcohol or drug abuse, pregnant or lactating women were also excluded from participation. 12 lead ECG was obtained before and after consumption of 250 cc enegry drink. QT and P-wave dispersion was calculated.Results: No significant difference have occurred in heart rate (79 ± 14 vs.81 ±13, p=0.68), systolic pressure (114 ± 14 vs.118 ± 16,p=0.38), diastolic blood pressure (74 ± 12 vs.76 ± 14, p=0.64), QT dispersion (58 ± 12 vs. 57 ± 22, p= 0.785) and P-wave dispersion (37 ± 7 vs. 36 ± 13, p= 0.755) between before and 2 hours after consumption of energy drink.Conclusion:  Consumption of single dose energy drink doesn't affect QT dispersion and P-wave dispersion, heart rate and blood pressure in healthy adults.Key words: Energy drink, QT dispersion, P-wave dispersion.
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