Caspofungin for the treatment of candidaemia in patients with haematological malignancies.

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Pagano, L.; Fianchi, L.; Fanci, R.; Candoni, A.; Caira, M.; Posteraro, B.; Morselli, M.; Valentini, C.G.; Farina, G.; Mitra, M.E.; Offidani, M.; Sanguinetti, M.; Tosti, M.E.; Nosari, A.; Leone, G.; Viale, P.;

This study was prospectively conducted in 11 haematology divisions over a 2-year period to evaluate the efficacy of caspofungin in 24 neutropenic patients with haematological malignancies (HM) and candidaemia. These patients had received chemotherapy for HM and were neu... View more