Towards an Expanded Role for Asian Currencies: Issues and Prospects

Research, Preprint OPEN
Chow, Hwee Kwan;
  • Publisher: Tokyo: Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)
  • Subject: Reservewährung | Währungskorb | Yen | F31 | F33 | Asien | Wechselkurs | Kapitalmarktliberalisierung | asian currency unit; asian currencies; foreign exchange reserves; exchange rate policy; asian central banks | Wechselkurspolitik | foreign exchange reserves, exchange rate determination, Asia, Yuan, Yen, monthly exchange rates variation, benchmarking | Renminbi
    • jel: jel:F31 | jel:F33
      ddc: ddc:330

Notwithstanding incumbency advantages and network effects enjoyed by the United States (US) dollar, considerations about the stability of its value have led Asian countries to fear they are holding their foreign exchange reserves in a depreciating currency. At the same ... View more
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