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Liquid dispersions of zeolite monolayers with high catalytic activity prepared by soft-chemical exfoliation.

Roth, Wieslaw J.; Sasaki, Takayoshi; Wolski, Karol; Song, Yeji; Tang, Dai-Ming; Ebina, Yasuo; Ma, Renzhi; Grzybek, Justyna; Kałahurska, Katarzyna; Gil, Barbara; ...
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  • Published: 01 Mar 2020 Journal: Science Advances, volume 6, page eaay8163 (eissn: 2375-2548, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • Country: Poland
The most effective approach to practical exploitation of the layered solids that often have unique valuable properties—such as graphene, clays, and other compounds—is by dispersion into colloidal suspensions of monolayers, called liquid exfoliation. This fundamentally expected behavior can be used to deposit monolayers on supports or to reassemble into hierarchical materials to produce, by design, catalysts, nanodevices, films, drug delivery systems, and other products. Zeolites have been known as extraordinary catalysts and sorbents with three-dimensional structures but emerged as an unexpected new class of layered solids contributing previously unknown valuabl...
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37 references, page 1 of 3
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