The Director's Lens: An Intelligent Assistant for Virtual Cinematography

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Lino , Christophe; Christie , Marc; Ranon , Roberto; Bares , William;
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  • Subject: Motion-Tracked Virtual Cameras | ACM : H.: Information Systems/H.5: INFORMATION INTERFACES AND PRESENTATION (e.g., HCI)/H.5.1: Multimedia Information Systems/H.5.1.5: Video (e.g., tape, disk, DVI) | Virtual Cinematography | [ INFO.INFO-MM ] Computer Science [cs]/Multimedia [cs.MM] | [ INFO.INFO-AI ] Computer Science [cs]/Artificial Intelligence [cs.AI] | [ INFO.INFO-GR ] Computer Science [cs]/Graphics [cs.GR] | ACM : H.: Information Systems/H.5: INFORMATION INTERFACES AND PRESENTATION (e.g., HCI)/H.5.1: Multimedia Information Systems/H.5.1.0: Animations | [ INFO.INFO-HC ] Computer Science [cs]/Human-Computer Interaction [cs.HC] | Cinematography | Virtual Camera Planning

International audience; We present the Director's Lens, an intelligent interactive assistant for crafting virtual cinematography using a motion-tracked hand-held device that can be aimed like a real camera. The system employs an intelligent cinematography engine that ca... View more
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