Intrathecal anti-CD20 efficiently depletes meningeal B cells in CNS autoimmunity.

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Lehmann-Horn, Klaus; Kinzel, Silke; Feldmann, Linda; Radelfahr, Florentine; Hemmer, Bernhard; Traffehn, Sarah; Bernard, Claude C. A.; Stadelmann, Christine; Brück, Wolfgang; Weber, Martin S.;
  • Publisher: BlackWell Publishing Ltd
  • Journal: volume 1,issue 7,pages490-496issn: 2328-9503, eissn: 2328-9503
  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC4184778, doi: 10.1002/acn3.71
  • Subject: anti-CD20; meningeal B cells; CNS autoimmunity | Brief Communications

Clinical trials revealed that systemic administration of B-cell-depleting anti-CD20 antibodies can hold lesion formation in the early relapsing-remitting phase of multiple sclerosis (MS). Throughout the secondary-progressive (SP) course of MS, pathogenic B cells may, ho... View more
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