The Mechanism of Phagocytosis: Two Stages of Engulfment

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Richards, David M.; Endres, Robert G.;
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  • Journal: Biophysical Journal,volume 107,issue 7,pages1,542-1,553 (issn: 0006-3495)
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  • Subject: Cell Biophysics | Quantitative Biology - Cell Behavior | Physics - Biological Physics | Biophysics
    mesheuropmc: biological phenomena, cell phenomena, and immunity | chemical and pharmacologic phenomena | hemic and immune systems | circulatory and respiratory physiology

Despite being of vital importance to the immune system, the mechanism by which cells engulf relatively large solid particles during phagocytosis is still poorly understood. From movies of neutrophil phagocytosis of polystyrene beads, we measure the fractional engulfment... View more
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