Euthanasia and criminal law

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Klementová, Šárka (2009)

71 8. Summary- Euthanasia and criminal law Euthanasia is often regarded as a controversial topic that is being discussed all around the world. The legislative rules differ among the countries to various extent. The scope of this work is to offer a summary of legal regulations in euthanasia, particulary in the area of criminal law and a several examples of these regulations in Europe, USA and Australia. In the first chapter, the term of euthanasia is defined which is necessary for the purpose of this work. The term of euthanasia passed through evolution and has changed its meaning. The term of euthanasia is the word of greek origin ( eu- good, thanatos- death), which means wittingly shortening the battle with fatal disease or in other words good death. The second chapter characterized the basic forms of euthanasia. The basic forms of euthanasia are distinquished between active, passive, direct. indirect form of euthanasia. The third chaper is concentrated on legislative regulations in certain states in Europe, USA and Australia. This chapter has two subchapters. In the first one, the legal situation and regulation of euthanasia in criminal law is describe. The second one is concentrated on legal regulations in the countries where euthanasia is legalized or is practiced under certain circumstances. The fourth...
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