Supervision in banking industry

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Kubáňová, Klára (2013)
  • Subject: banking regulation; Česká národní banka; bankovní dohled; Evropská centrální banka; bankovnictví; jednotný bankovní dohled; banking; bankovní regulace; European Central bank; banking supervision; single supervisory mechanism; Czech National Bank

The aim of submitted thesis Supervision in banking is to define the nature and the importance of banking supervision, to justify its existence and to analyze the applicable mechanisms while the system of banking regulation and supervision in this thesis is primarily examined in the European context, with a focus on the Czech Republic. The thesis is divided into five main chapters. The first chapter is devoted to the financial system and the importance of banks in this system, it defines the characteristics of banking systems, provides the definition of the term bank and describes the banking system and the banking environment in the Czech Republic. The second chapter focuses on general aspects of banking regulation and supervision, it defines and distinguishes these concepts; furthermore, it specifies its objectives and deals with the arguments against banking regulation and supervision. The third chapter analyzes the various instruments of banking regulation, in particular the banking license, and other particular requirements, including but not limited to capital adequacy requirement. The chapter also deals with the compulsory deposits insurance and the position of the central bank as a lender of last resort. The fourth chapter focuses on banking supervision, which involves mainly the examination...
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