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Measurement of $P_T$-weighted Sivers asymmetries in leptoproduction of hadrons

F. Tosello; D.I. Ryabchikov; D.I. Ryabchikov; S. Ishimoto; F. A. Pereira; B. Grube; D. Hahne; H. Schmieden; A. Martin; W. Meyer; ...
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  • Published: 01 Mar 2019
The transverse spin asymmetries measured in semi-inclusive leptoproduction of hadrons, when weighted with the hadron transverse momentum $P_T$, allow for the extraction of important transverse-momentum-dependent distribution functions. In particular, the weighted Sivers asymmetries provide direct information on the Sivers function, which is a leading-twist distribution that arises from a correlation between the transverse momentum of an unpolarised quark in a transversely polarised nucleon and the spin of the nucleon. Using the high-statistics data collected by the COMPASS Collaboration in 2010 with a transversely polarised proton target, we have evaluated two t...
arXiv: Nuclear ExperimentHigh Energy Physics::ExperimentNuclear Theory
free text keywords: Nuclear and High Energy Physics, spin: transverse, fragmentation function, COMPASS, semi-inclusive reaction, Sivers function, p: target, polarization: transverse, distribution function: transverse momentum dependence, quark: polarization, nucleon: spin, spin: asymmetry: measured, hadron: leptoproduction, hadron: transverse momentum, [PHYS.HEXP]Physics [physics]/High Energy Physics - Experiment [hep-ex], 530, hep-ex, Particle Physics - Experiment, hep-ph, Particle Physics - Phenomenology, High Energy Physics - Experiment, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity, QC770-798, Nucleon, Particle physics, Proton, Quantum chromodynamics, Spin-½, Distribution function, Hadron, Transverse plane, Physics, Quark, ddc:530
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Study of Strongly Interacting Matter
  • Funder: European Commission (EC)
  • Project Code: 283286
  • Funding stream: FP7 | SP4 | INFRA
NSF| A Program of Medium Energy Nuclear Physics
  • Funder: National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Project Code: 1506416
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