Finite elements-based 2D theoretical analysis of the effect of IEX membrane thickness and salt solution residence time on the ion transport within a salinity gradient power reverse electrodialysis half cell pair

Article English OPEN
Etienne, Brauns (2013)
  • Journal: volume 51, issue 34-36, pages 6,429-6,443 (issn: 1944-3994, eissn: 1944-3986)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1080/19443994.2013.807905
  • Subject: Steady state | Diffusion | Concentration distribution | Finite element | Salinity gradient | Model | Reverse electrodialysis | Power | Electromigration | Flow

Reverse electrodialysis electrical power generation is based on the transport of salt ions through ion conductive membranes. The ion flux, equivalent to an electric current, results from a salinity gradient, induced by two salt solutions at significantly different conce... View more
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