Manifolds of holomorphic mappings from strongly pseudoconvex domains

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Forstneric, Franc;
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  • Subject: 58D15 | 32E10 | 32E30 | 54C35 | 58B12 | 46T10 | 32H02 | 32E10, 32E30, 32H02, 46G20, 46T10, 54C35, 58B12, 58D15 | 46G20 | strongly pseudoconvex domains | manifolds of holomorphic mappings | Mathematics - Functional Analysis | Mathematics - Complex Variables | Stein manifolds
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Let D be a bounded strongly pseudoconvex domain in a Stein manifold S and let Y be a complex manifold. We prove that the graph of any continuous map from the closure of D to Y which is holomorphic in D admits a basis of open Stein neighborhoods in S x Y. Using this we s... View more
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