Effective Results Analysis for the Similar Software Products’ Orthogonality

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Ion Ivan ; Daniel Milodin (2009)
  • Publisher: General Association of Economists from Romania
  • Journal: Theoretical and Applied Economics, volume 10(539), issue 10(539) October, pages 23-34 (issn: 1841-8678, eissn: 1844-0029)
  • Subject: uniform software product; orthogonality; software complexity. | uniform software product | HF5001-6182 | Business | HB71-74 | Economics as a science | software complexity | software complexity. | HB1-3840 | orthogonality | Economic theory. Demography
    arxiv: Computer Science::Software Engineering

It is defined the concept of similar software. There are established conditions of archiving the software components. It is carried out the orthogonality evaluation and the correlation between the orthogonality and the complexity of the homogenous software components is analyzed. Shall proceed to build groups of similar software products, belonging to the orthogonality intervals. There are presented in graphical form the results of the analysis. There are detailed aspects of the functioning of the software product allocated for the orthogonality.
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