Income inequality and income mobility in the Scandinavian countries compared to the United States

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Rolf Aaberge; Anders Björklund; Markus Jäntti; Mårten Palme; Peder J. Pedersen; Nina Smith; Tom Wennemo;
  • Publisher: Statistics Norway
  • Subject: D31 | Inntektsulikhet | Income distribution; earnings mobility | United States | Income mobility | JEL classification: D31 | Income inequality; income mobility. | Scandinavia | Income inequality | Inntektsforskjeller | income mobility.
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This paper compares income inequality and income mobility in the Scandinavian countries and the United States during the 1980's. The results demonstrate that inequality is greater in the United States than in the Scandinavian countries and that the ranking of countries ... View more
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