RegCM4: model description and preliminary tests over multiple CORDEX domains F

Article English OPEN
Giorgi, Filippo et al; Coppola, E.; Solmon, F.; Mariotti, L.; Sylla, M. B.; Bi, X.; Elguindi, N.; Diro, G. T.; Nair, V.; Giuliani, G.; Turuncoglu, U. U.; Cozzini, S.; Güttler, I.; O’Brien, T. A.; Tawfik, A. B.; Shalaby, A.; Zakey, A. S.; Steiner, A. L.; Stordal, F.; Sloan, L. C.; Brankovic, C.;
  • Journal: issn: 0936-577X, eissn: 1616-1572
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3354/cr01018
  • Subject: CORDEX | Regional climate model | Model validation | RegCM4

A new version of the RegCM regional climate modeling system, RegCM4, has been recently developed and made available for public use. Compared to previous versions, RegCM4 includes new land surface, planetary boundary layer, and air–sea flux schemes, a mixed convection an... View more
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