Une approche à base de composants logiciels pour l'observation de systèmes embarqués

Doctoral thesis French OPEN
Prada Rojas, Carlos Hernan;
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: [ INFO.INFO-OH ] Computer Science [cs]/Other [cs.OH] | Systèmes embarqués | Embedded application debugging | Traçage d'événements | Embedded systems | Component based observation | Mise au point d'applications embarquées | [INFO.INFO-OH]Computer Science [cs]/Other [cs.OH] | Event tracing | MPSoC Observation | Observation à base de composants | Observation de systèmes sur puce

Embedded software development faces new challenges as embedded devices evolve from Multiprocessor Systems on Chip (MPSoC) with heterogeneous CPU towards many-core architectures. The classical approach of optimizing embedded software in a platform-specific way is no long... View more
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