Diversity management

Bachelor thesis, Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Táborská, Pavla (2011)

The key topic of the work is diversity management, i.e. management of em-ployees" diversity within organization. Opening part of the work identifies the position of diversity within society and related phenomena such as stereotypes, biases and various forms of discrimination. Then the work discusses the role of diversity management in organizations, its principles and basic areas of focus. Attention is paid to certain social groups that the diversity management concept should especially deal with. This concerns especially themes like employment of foreigners, women and man taking maternal and parental leave, employees over fifty years of age and physically challenged people. The work also mentions top-ics like work-life balance of employees and equal treatment of women and men in an organization. Furthermore, the work discusses benefits of diversity manage-ment and explains reasons, why organizations should implement this concept. Second part of the work demonstrates practical application of diversity manage-ment in an organization, its implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The final chapter of the work presents examples of real organizations that have successfully applied diversity management. This way the work is complemented by practical examples and tries to provide a comprehensive view of...
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