Optimisation du temps de réponse du système de recommandation pour l'évaluation MIMICRY

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Follet, Damien; Delestre, Nicolas; Malandain, Nicolas; Vercouter, Laurent;
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: Recommender system | optimisation | [INFO.EIAH]Computer Science [cs]/Technology for Human Learning | optimization | grille d'évaluation | indépendant du domaine | apprentissage artificiel | machine learning | [ INFO.EIAH ] Computer Science [cs]/Technology for Human Learning | criteria grid | domain-independent | Système de recommandation

International audience; Assessment through criteria grids is increasingly widespread. It eases student's learning but also makes assessment harder for teachers. We present a useful, usable and domain-independent criteria-grid assessment recommender system based on machi... View more
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