How Wage Compression Affects Job Turnover

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Heyman, Fredrik;
  • Publisher: Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) Stockholm
  • Subject: Job Creation and Job Destruction; Wage Dispersion; Temporary Employment Contracts; Panel Data | Schweden | Panel Data | J63 | Lohnrigidität | J21 | J31 | Lohnstruktur | Arbeitsmarkt | Zeitreihenanalyse | Job Creation and Job Destruction | Wage Dispersion | Temporary Employment Contracts | Beschäftigungseffekt
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I use Swedish establishment-level panel data to test Bertola and Rogerson’s (1997) hypothesis of a positive relation between the degree of wage compression and job reallocation. Results indicate that the effect of wage compression on job turnover is positive and signifi... View more
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