The effect of surface roughness upon 25 ST aluminum alloy subjected to repeated tensile stresses above the proportional limit

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Hardy, Donald James (1949)
  • Publisher: Pasadena, California; California Institute of Technology
  • Subject: Aeronautics

This thesis document was issued under the authority of another institution, not NPS. At the time it was written, a copy was added to the NPS Library collection for reasons not now known. It has been included in the digital archive for its historical value to NPS. Not believed to be a CIVINS (Civilian Institutions) title. Fatigue tests were conducted on 54specimens of 25 ST aluminum alloy for the purpose of determining the effect of surface roughness on the fatigue life of the material when subjected to constant repeated tensile stresses above the proportional limit. In addition, the basic stress vs. cycle curve for 25 ST aluminum alloy was extended to include the range of cycles below 100,000. e Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy
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