A Fast pH-Switchable and Self-Healing Supramolecular Hydrogel Carrier for Guided, Local Catheter Injection in the Infarcted Myocardium

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Bastings, M.M.C.; Koudstaal, S.; Kieltyka, R.E.; Nakano, Y.; Pape, A.C.H.; Feyen, D.A.M.; van, Slochteren F.J.; Doevendans, P.A.; Sluijter, J.P.G.; Meijer, E.W.; Chamuleau, S.A.J.; Dankers, P.Y.W.;

Minimally invasive intervention strategies after myocardial infarction use state-of-the-art catheter systems that are able to combine mapping of the infarcted area with precise, local injection of drugs. To this end, catheter delivery of drugs that are not immediately p... View more
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